How to Play Old Games That Require Windows 95

How to Play Old Games That Require Windows 95

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A developer named Nick Lee has made a YouTube video showing Windows 95 running on an Apple Watch. It’s slow, but it looks functional.

How to: Windows 95

If you want to play old games that require Windows 95, you can do so using a service like GOG, which packages up older titles for modern computers. The service allows you to install and run the programs without resorting to piracy or downloading suspicious files from dodgy-looking websites.

After the setup program completes, you can use a graphical interface to configure your computer. If you have problems getting Windows to set up your hardware correctly, try changing the reported DOS version in the DOSBox-X config file to 7.1 or higher.

When the Analyzing Your Computer window appears, do not check any of the devices it lists (for example, CD-ROM drives). This will prevent Windows from installing SunPCi-specific drivers for these devices during the installation process. Click Next. The setup program will then install the default display driver, which is the S3 Trio64, one of the best emulated video adapters DOSBox-X has to offer. This should work with most monitors.

How to: Ghost Stories

There’s something about a ghost story that makes even non-horror fans love it. Maybe it’s the fact that it often avoids gore and sex (although the occult does appear). Or maybe it’s that it feels like a complex narrative puzzle to be solved. Whatever the reason, the ghost story is a popular form of horror that can be fiendishly difficult to write well.

If you’re looking to take your own ghost stories to the next level, then look no further than this video from a teacher, author and paranormal investigator. She explains the key elements of writing the perfect spine-chilling ghost tale.

How to: Apple Watch

Apple’s new smartwatch packs quite a bit of computing power into a very small package. So, it should come as no surprise that it can run Microsoft’s dusty old Windows 95 operating system, as a developer has recently demonstrated in a video.

Nick Lee of Tendigi Insights managed to install Windows 95 on the watch using a process known as side-loading. To accomplish this, he modified Apple’s development software in “rather unorthodox ways,” allowing him to essentially turn the OS into a Watch app that also emulated the environment necessary for it to run.

The result is a very slow-running version of the operating system, but one that’s nonetheless impressive and fun to see in action. And, as Lee points out on his blog post, it shows that the Apple Watch is capable of running a lot more than just the apps that are available for it through the App Store. This may be something that Apple isn’t too keen on, but at the very least it proves that the company’s hardware packs some serious power.

How to: Tanker Truck Accident

A tanker truck accident can be a catastrophic event. Because of their large size and potentially toxic cargo, these trucks put EVERYONE in their vicinity at EXTREME risk of injury or death.

Many of the same factors that cause regular motor vehicle accidents contribute to tanker crashes, including driver distraction and drowsiness. Because of their large size, it’s also difficult for them to stop as quickly as other vehicles. Speeding is a factor in around half of all tanker truck accidents, as it adds to the distance it takes the truck to come to a complete stop.

Partial, over-sized or unsecured loads are another contributing factor in tanker crashes. These can cause a truck to slosh or surge, which is the leading reason for tanker rollover accidents. These types of accidents can cause devastating injuries, including head and traumatic brain injuries, severe whiplash, spinal cord injuries and burns. They can also affect the victims’ quality of life and their ability to work and care for their families.

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