Relaunching of popular police series Hawaii Five-0 with an updated cast and storyline.

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The original Hawaii Five-O was a popular police series that ran from 1968 to 1980. In 2010, CBS decided to relaunch the series as an updated present-day remake.

The new series starred Alex O’Loughlin as Detective Steve McGarrett, along with Scott Caan as his partner, Danno. Other regular characters included Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua.

The Pilot

The pilot introduces us to the main cast of characters. Detective McGarrett is a former Navy SEAL, Danny Williams is a relocated NYPD detective with a daughter named Grace and Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua are police recruits.

Twelve college students are kidnapped by a gang of pirates. Five-0 investigates and learn that the parents of one of the victims paid a ransom.

The First Season

The premiere episode has Hawaii Five-0 battling against a rogue terrorist cell and a shady government official. Also, a security detail member is murdered before he can outline the details of an assassination plot targeting a ruthless dictator attending an Aid Summit.

By-the-book Detective Danny “Danno” Williams; ex-New Jersey cop turned entrepreneur Duke Lukela; and rookie officer-with-attitude Kono Kalakaua are part of the team.

The Second Season

The second season begins with a cold open suggesting a sinister plot. The theme song then starts and is repeated several times over film of a big ocean wave.

When a security detail member is murdered before he can reveal an assassination plot targeting a dictator at an aid summit, Five-0 investigates.

Masi Oka and Lauren German join the main cast. Taryn Manning also recurs as Steve’s sister but receives an “Also starring” credit and departs in episode thirteen.

The Third Season

When a crime boss kidnaps a Congressman’s daughter and McGarrett is targeted, Five-0 investigates. Also, a local talk show host gets hired to follow Doris.

When the autistic son of a professional baseball player witnesses a murder at the ballpark, Five-0 is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, a former NYPD bomb expert helps solve a case. The episode features footage from the original series.

The Fourth Season

While the show may have misrepresented Hawaii as a dangerous and international spying hub, it has brought the state’s beauty and appeal into living rooms across America. Businesses and attractions that have been featured on the show report an increase in sales and visitors.

The series features McGarrett, a former New Jersey cop who moved to paradise with his family; Chin Ho Kelly, his dedicated ex-Honolulu police partner; and Kono Kalakaua, his fearless cousin.

The Fifth Season

The series follows a special state police major crimes task force headed by decorated naval officer Steve McGarrett. The group is backed by the governor and given full immunity and leeway to investigate any crime in the islands.

The team enlists the help of a California ATF agent to find a serial arsonist targeting couples in Oahu. Meanwhile, Danny and Amber enjoy a romantic getaway but are interrupted when her abusive ex-husband comes to town seeking revenge.

The Sixth Season

Hawaii Five-0 is an exciting tv show that features cool fight scenes, shootouts, and lots of action. It stars Steve McGarrett, a former Navy Seal with combat training. His partner is Danny Williams, a relocated New Jersey cop.

The series opens with Steve going after the man who murdered his father. He’s aided by a stateside-born detective named Danny Williams, played by Scott Caan.

The Seventh Season

A reboot of the 1968 series, Hawaii Five-0 centers around a special police task force that investigates crimes in the islands. Its cast includes Alex O’Loughlin as detective Steve McGarrett, a decorated ex-Navy SEAL; Scott Caan as Danno; and Meaghan Rath as rookie officer Tani Rey.

Other recurring characters include Dr. Max Bergman (Masi Oka), the county medical examiner; and Kamekona Tupuola (Taylor Wily), a shave ice truck owner and CI for the task force.

The Eighth Season

The show follows a special state task force created by Hawaii’s governor to investigate major crimes. The task force is headed by Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, a former Navy SEAL. He recruits Honolulu PD detective Danny Williams as his partner. Other members include Captain Lou Grover, a former SWAT officer; Adam Noshimuri, a friend with old ties to a crime family; and Junior Reigns.

The Ninth Season

After a cyber-terrorism expert is kidnapped, Five-0 investigates a link to Samoan gangs and mainland mobs. A new partner for McGarrett is Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan, of canceled TV shows Moonlight and Three Rivers).

He brings spark and chemistry to the show. He and O’Loughlin play off each other with macho bickering that makes the show fun. They are joined by a group of talented supporting players including Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim from Lost.

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